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We Offer you the best Opportunity to showcase your Talent

Technical Events

Excellence is not a skill, it's an attitude? Show Your Knowledge and Skill.

Open Challenge Events

Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.

Theme Based Events

Talent is a fire
Show It before it burns you

Sports Events

Every Champion was once a contender
who refused to give up

Social Events

Screaming all the lyrics to your songs
Lets enjoy the Beats

The Committee

Our Vision is Great

Dr Najamul Islam

President BYTE

Appreciation is all what is required for students, We are providing them with opportunity to prove their mettle

Dr Shehzad

Director BYTE

I have great faith in my student, I always encourage them to compete. This event is aimed for exchanging Knowledge

Dr Ali Shami

Director BYTE

Engineering is not about theory, its also about skills. BYTE provides students with an opportunity to polish their skills

Dr Tamim Khan

Director BYTE

The way I see this event, It is the hub of knowledge, a sea of ideas and improvement of collaboration

Fazal Wahab

Director BYTE

The Mentor

Our Vision is Great

Dr Amina Jameel

Mentor Finance BYTE

Do your work with your whole heart, and you will succeed - there's so little competition.

Suleman Awan

Mentor Management,Marketing &
Social Events BYTE

Its always important to evaluate your talent to know its worth, BYTE provides a best platform to student to test their talent

Dr Khurram

Mentor Finance & Security BYTE

Competition are not only to beat or compete, they are to learn and innovate

Arsalan Akhtar

Mentor Technical Events BYTE

Competition is always a good thing. It forces us to do our best. A monopoly renders people complacent and satisfied with mediocrity.

Bushra Sabir

Mentor Managements & Web BYTE

Competition is always a good thing. It forces us to do our best. A monopoly renders people complacent and satisfied with mediocrity.

Tayyaba Zulfiqar

Mentor Decore BYTE

As a mentor of theme events, I encourage students to be creative instead of bookish, think out of box, learn miracles

AbuBaker Yamin

Mentor Media & Theme Events BYTE

BYTE, provides a best combo of academia and fun.

Kashif Mehmood

Mentor Logistics BYTE

Being a sports mentor, I would say, BYTE is all about sportsman spirit.

M Yaseen

Mentor Sports & Spring Festival BYTE

As a graphic team mentor, I would say BYTE provides the students with the opportunity to excel and test their ability to learn.

Ammar Ajmal

Mentor Graphics BYTE

Waleed Manzoor

Mentor Operations BYTE

Student Body

Our Vision is Great

Farhan Mushtaq

President BYTE

Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure

Soban Ali Butt

Vice-President BYTE

We want to bring together the apprentices of different institutions and engage them into integral academic and non-academic activities. We warmly welcome you to join us and be a part of this remarkable event!

Amna Javed

Executive President BYTE

Our Vision is Great

Umair Chaudary

General Secretary BYTE

Our Vision is Great


Head Technical BYTE

I welcome you all to Bahria Youth Technothon it is my immense pleasure to see people bringing out best in themselves. Together we will make this event prosperous with lots of fun and amusement waiting for you

Hassan Ali Khan

Head OpenChallenge BYTE

You can't change the Past, but you can do something to change the Present & Future. Live the way you want, no regrets

Ali Roshaan

Head Theme Events BYTE

One man practicing sportsmanship is far better than 50 preaching it


Head Sports BYTE

If you want Fun, Entertainment and long lasting memories, Join US -BYTE

Taimoor Arif

Head Social BYTE

Alone we can do little. but together we can achieve greatness


Head Logistics BYTE

Our vision is to delight and add value to the participants experience

Ehsan Rana

Head Operations BYTE

Finance is all about numbers

Saqib Chaudhry

Head Finance BYTE

Byte will hopefully bring forth skills and excitement.

Shifa Gull

Head Marketing BYTE

It's time to stop waiting and get the opportunity by yourself

Ammar Malik

Head Registration BYTE

As a director of planning and management, my mission is to plan & manage the event successfully. To work smarter & innovatively to give our guests an event they will never forget


Head Planning BYTE

It's time to stop waiting and get the opportunity by yourself

Arsalan Tarik

Head Graphics BYTE

It's time to stop waiting and get the opportunity by yourself

Afsheen Gul

Head of Decor BYTE

It's time to stop waiting and get the opportunity by yourself

Muhammad Essa

Head of Security BYTE

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About us

Bahria University is a multi-disciplinary university providing education to more than 13,000 students across Pakistan. Bahria University is actively involved in efforts to bridge the gap between academia and industry by arranging events which bring students, faculty and industrial stakeholders together regularly.

In continuation of the above efforts, Bahria University Islamabad is organizing Bahria Youth Technothon (BYTE), which is a three day event comprising of multiple technical and extra-curricular activities. The event is going to be held at Bahria University Islamabad Campus from 9th to 11th May 2018. The event is aimed to bring university and college student together from all over Pakistan to develop a competitive environment, giving the students a platform where they can showcase their talent, skills and ideas.

BYTE consists of around 30 competitions in which more than 50 institutions nationwide are expected to participate. From academic domain to sports, students can show their skills in multiple fields. Byte provides an open invitation to universities all around Pakistan to send their talented students and test the studentís limits in what the students think they are the best. BYTE will be organizing challenges related to the fields of computer science, engineering, social events and sports.

Also, BYTE Project Exhibition is one of the major components of the event in which students will display their projects. The project exhibition will provide a common platform to all its participants to display and prove their talent excelling in different domains of computer science and IT. The purpose of this event is also to bridge the gap between the academia and industrial globe by bringing professionals from the industry to the project exhibition. The event offers an opportunity for the students to gain technical insight and ideas. It is also a podium for defense & strategic organizations, software houses & industry to meet bright and energetic individuals, look at the current trends in academia and even discover talented young minds for their organizations.

BYTE is a first step towards a culture of multi-disciplinary event organization in Bahria University which will be instrumental in developing the soft skills of the students. It will also provide a platform for the students to interact with students from other universities as well as individuals from other walks of life, providing the students with an exposure to individuals outside Bahria University. Itís a small effort to unite our youth in a fun and creative way, to promote positive competition amongst each other and to encourage participants from every university without any metropolitan or provincial boundaries.

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